Throwback! I haven’t updated in a while because I lost inspiration for this blog. There are so many photographers doing the same thing with more funding and a community to back them up, but I am still finding my voice so bare with me. At the Thom Browne Fall - Winter 2014/2015 womenswear show in New York City. It was a cold and rainy day and the last show of the day. I wanted nothing more than to go home and hide under the covers, but this church-like, gothic presentation more than made up for my exhaustion.
Pink hair and tutus at the Betsey Johnson show, Spring / Summer 2014
Do the Naomi Campbell walk.
Chinese fashion model Fei Fei Sun, the first Asian model to grace the cover of Vogue Italia, after the Elie Saab show during Paris Fashion Week.
Elvira Rezzonico of The Russian Code "peacocking" outside the Chanel haute couture show during Paris Fashion Week.
So Catherine Deneuve‬ showed up at the Jean Paul Gaultier‬ show. The crowd went wild… and so did I, but for different reasons. Look at that dog!
When you’re walking shows back to back you’re gonna need to swerve through traffic, especially in Paris.
The new Yves Saint Laurent‬ movie starring ‪Pierre Niney is being filmed in my neighborhood this summer. Here is a shot of two actresses taking a break outside the house where the designer worked for many years. ‪
Soo Joo Park is killing it with the Blonde Asian look.